Scottish Coins
Early Coinage in Scotland
David I (1124-1153)
Prince Henry (1139-1152)
Malcolm IV (1153-1165)
William I (1165-1214)
Alexander II (1214-1249)
Alexander III(1249-1286)
Margaret (1286-1290)
John Baliol (1292-1296)
Interregnum (1296-1306)
Robert I(1306-1329)
David II (1329-1371)
Robert II (1371-1390)
Robert III (1390-1406)
James I (1406-1437)
James II (1437-1460)
James III (1460-1488)
James IV (1488-1531)
James V (1531-1542)
Mary (1542-1567)
James VI (1567-1625)
Charles I (1625-1649)
Charles II (1649-1685)
James VII(1685-1688)
James VIII (1688-1766)
William & Mary (1688-1694)
William II (1694-1702)
Anne (1702-1714)
Prince Charles (1720-1788)
Post Union 1707- coins, etc.
Bibliography & notes

Scottish Coinage

Groat of James V (1513-1542)

A study of the Scottish coinage is a study of the history of Scotland
in itself, as much of the history of Scotland is reflected in it’s
coinage. Indeed the triumphs of the rise of Robert the Bruce out of the
ashes of the English occupation late in the 13th and early 14th centuries
and subsequent victories at Bannockburn, and the recognition of Scottish
independence from England are noted with the issuance of coinage bearing
the portrait of King Robert I. The tragedies of Scottish history are also
reflected, notably the three successive child monarchs whom reigned during
the 16th century, most notably however is the reign of Mary, Queen of
Scots, and the gradual downfall of her reign that ended with her
abdication and thence her flight to refuge in England. Her coinage consist
of coins which were issued during her minority, then her marriage to the
Dauphin of France, her first widowhood, then her marriage to to Henry

The later Middle Ages brought many new denominations and further
debasements of silver coinage, until the smallest denominations were made
of copper or bronze. During the the reign of James VI, many earlier
coinages were called in and reissued, as many contemporary counterfeits
found circulation. The accession by James VI to the English throne in 1603
saw the fixing of value of the Scottish coinage to a ratio of 1 / 12 with
English coinage. Scottish coinage, which circulated only in Scotland
before the reign of Alexander III found some limited circulation in
England and the rest of the British isles during this time. Of course
English coinage began to see circulation in Scotland, starting a trend,
which after the Act of Union in 1707 saw the demise of a uniquely Scottish
coinage. The last Scottish minted coins were the sterling issues based on
the English denominations that were issued until 1709 with the “E”
mintmark for Edinburgh. Some latter British coinages were issued with
Scottish emblems, the Arms, or the Thistle etc during the 20th Century,
but these are a part of the British coinage, and are not unique to
Scotland. Most coin images contained herein are at approximately 300% of
original size. Please note that all of the images are high resolution, and
thus rather slow to load, this done so the details of the coins can truly
be appreciated.

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